Comprehensive modular solution for a global money transfer business, including wallet management, multi-product support (money transfer, top-ups, pre-paid cards, bill payments, FX exchange), and specialised clients such as: the compliance client, the agent client, the online customer client and the back office client.

Main features

+Proven: trusted by dozens of clients worldwide, our platform processes hundreds of thousands of transactions to more than 120 countries everyday.

+Secure: in the last 15+ years, our platform has been audited by tens of organizations, amongst which many European central banks.

+Modular and extensible: deploy only the features your business needs and easily build new products to always be one step ahead of your competitors

Articulate your financial services offering

+Money Transfers

+Mobile Top Up's

+Bill Payments

+Prepaid Cards

+FX exchange

Digital Payments

+ Customer's Web Portal

+ Android & iOS App's

+ Posibility to integrate with Paytment's Gateway and Facebook

+ Back Office & Customer Support Desktop

+ KYC and AML controls

Retail Platform

+Agent's Management & Web Portal

+Back Office Desktop

+KYC and AML Controls

+Multi-Country Solution

+Multi-Channel Platform

Correspondents' HUB

+ Restful API, TXT and XML files connectors

+ Correspondents' Management & Reconciliation

+ Corridors Pricing and Profitability

+ FX Management

+ Correspondent's Web Portal

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