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Complete solution for the money transfer business

No matter the size of your company

Leading edge, proven, modular, secure and fully hosted money transfer platform.
Leverage our expertise in the payments industry to launch your money transfer business. Outsource the technological infrastructure and concentrate on what really matters: your money transfer business. Data migration, system integration and system coexistence.

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A Hub for Every Kind of Business


Manage your partner’s settlement in several currencies.
Fully flexible FX configuration. 

Easy & Safe Payments

Easy to use and secure platform. End-to-end encryption, auditing and monitoring. Sophisticated compliance module.

The Apps You Need

Tailored applications for many roles in your company: clients, agents, compliance officers, call centre.

Cloud Ready

Run our platform in your premises, in a private cloud or in a leading cloud service provider such Amazon AWS.

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The Most Powerful Software. Say hello to Push Money.

Innovation in your payments business

We’ve spent the last decade helping our clients transform and reinvent their businesses. We’ve installed and customised our platform many times. We’ve built custom applications from scratch to fulfil our clients’ unique needs.
And we’ve loved it, because that’s what we’re good at.

Our Clients

Ready for You and Your Business

We’ll help you through the change and make it easy. We’ll work with you to help you transform your business and make our platform fulfil your needs.

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Mobile Network Operators

  • Mobile Operators Connectivity HUB
  • Correspondents Management & Reconciliation
  • Corridors Pricing and Profitability
  • Compliance Capabilities
  • FX Management
  • Correspondents Web Portal

Money Transfer Operators & Banks

  • End to End money transfers life cycle management
  • Money Transfers, Top-Up’s, Prepaid Cards
  • Agents’ Web Portal
  • Customer Web Portal & Mobile App
  • Multi-Country Capabilities
  • Compliance Rules

Money Transfer Hub

  • Correspondents / Corridors Management
  • Correspondents integration by several means
  • FX Management
  • Correspondents’ Web Portal
  • Existing Correspondents Network Available

Foreign Exchange Traders

  • Spot, Forward and Drawdowns
  • Multicurrency Customer’s Wallet
  • Customer’s Web Portal
  • Back Office Traders Desktop
  • Multi-Channel solution

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